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Junk Removal, Lot Clearing, Debris Removal, Appliance Removal, Getting Rid of Junk, Getting Rid of Piles, Clearing for New Construction or Clearing After a Remodel:  Call JunkMiser.com to handle your Junk Removal task’s.

Junk Miser is a Paint Squad NC company that helps get rid of all things Junk.

For Painting projects Call Paint Squad, for Junk Removal Call Us.

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List of items that cannot be taken to a landfill in North Carolina:  NC.gov Waste Management Website

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Junk Removal.  We’re also Professional Painters.

Junk + Junk Miser Junk Removal = Headache Removal.  The math works…

Junk Removal, Trash, Fallen Trees, Yard Waste, old Appliances, Moving debris and anything else that’s just in the way and needs to be removed.

Call for a consultation so we can discuss the removal process or the recycling and get you a quote.

Junk Miser is an affiliate of Paint Squad NC and are mutual beneficial to home owners and commercial contractors.

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