Foreclosure, REO and Property Management Clean Outs

Being in the construction services industry for over 20 years we at Junk Miser understands the need in having that vacant unit turned and turned fast. Nothing gets done until all that junk is removed. We understand the importance of being there when scheduled and how not showing up on time affects others. Also understand that when companies give us volume business we take care of them.

Banks, real estate agents and property management all know to well that many of their tenants being evicted are not so happy and turn their anger toward the unit. We at Junk Miser can take the pain away and provide you with the peace of mind by turning the complete unit. Everything from painting, repair work, junk removal, cleaning to demolition you can count on us.

Let Junk Miser’s experience in the contract services help you get those homes ready for the market. Contact us today (919)679-1444