Why Use Junk Miser

Junk removal services in Raleigh

Reason #1:  It has the most accessible methods to secure an estimate

Out of a good number of junk removal companies in Raleigh, Junk Miser offers a convenient way to secure a price estimate for hauling junk.

Most companies only perform on-site estimates to produce a pricing quote, but Junk Miser offers four methods to estimate your project’s cost:

  1. On-site pricing estimates
  2. Online pricing estimates
  3. Calling and speaking to a representative

On-site pricing estimates are the best way to get an accurate price right away. Since Junk Miser team members conduct the estimate on site, they get an accurate picture of exactly what you’d like them to haul away and can provide an immediate quote of what it will cost. If you’re happy with the quote, the team can often complete the job immediately.

Online pricing estimates aren’t quite as accurate as on-site estimates, but they’re an easy way to get a general idea of what you can expect to pay. You can start your estimate by either selecting the specific items Junk Miser will haul away or you can give a general volume estimate by selecting how many pickup truck loads your job will take.

Although they are convenient, online estimates are set up to handle only small- to medium-sized quotes. If you select too many items or too many truckloads, Junk Miser will direct you to call to set up an on-site quote.

Texting a photo to Junk Miser is by far the most unique method to request an estimate. You simply take a photo of the items you want removed and text it to Junk Miser, and it will reply with an estimate. It’s as simple as that.

Like the online pricing estimate, texting a photo doesn’t yield a firm estimate. If you decide to schedule a pickup, Junk Miser will provide a final price when its representatives are on-site and can see the items in person.

Calling and speaking to a Junk Miser representative is another convenient option that provides both firm quotes and rough estimates. If your junk removal job consists of four items or fewer, Junk Miser can often offer you a firm price. Bigger junk removal jobs receive a rough estimate which Junk Miser representatives later confirm or adjust when they arrive to complete the job.

Reason #2:  It will beat the cost of any written estimate

One of Junk Miser’s most compelling offers is that it will beat any written estimate. Junk Miser is the only company on our list to advertise any kind of price-matching policy, and we think that’s a huge benefit for anyone looking to complete a project on a budget.

Junk Miser clarifies its price-beating promise by saying all competing written estimates must be from licensed, bonded, and insured junk removers with responsible disposal practices—so it likely won’t beat the price of some random person with a truck you found on Craigslist.

That being said, we still like the fact that Junk Miser is willing to beat the price of any quality junk removal company. This allows you to base your decision more on the services each company offers rather than focusing so heavily on price.



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